In my previous blog post, I analyzed the changes between the recent ISO 27001 Certification in Bangalore  (published in 2005) and therefore the 2013 revision; naturally, controls from ISO 27001 Annex A cannot amendment while not dynamical ISO 27001 Implementation in Bangalore  as a result of the essence of those 2 standards is to be aligned. So, let’s take a glance at the changes in ISO 27001 Services in Bangalore . Here I’ll focus on the main on however the controls square measure structured, and not most on their description – therefore here square measure the most differences:


Several sections the amount of sections has exaggerated – from eleven sections containing controls within the recent normal to fourteen within the new. This way, the matter within the current normal, ISO 27001 consultant in Bahrain wherever some controls were by artificial means inserted in sure areas wherever they didn't belong, is currently resolved.

Several controls – astonishingly, the amount of controls has diminished – from 133 to solely 114! This can be because of eliminating some controls that were too specific or noncurrent.

Structure of sections – Cryptography has become a separate section (#10) – it's (logically) not a part of data systems acquisition, development, and maintenance any longer. an analogous factor is going on with provider relationships – as merited, they need to become a separate section (#15). Communications and operations management is split currently into Operations security (section 12), and Communications Security (now section 13). Here is however the sections look now:


  1.  data security policies
  2.  Organization of knowledge security
  3.  Human resource security
  4.  plus management
  5.  Access management
  6.  Cryptography
  7.  Physical and environmental security
  8.  Operations security
  9.  Communications security
  10.  System acquisition, development, and maintenance


Placement of security classes – ISO 27001 Implementation in Bahrain  classes have mixed a bit:

Mobile devices and work, antecedently in Access management, is now 6.2 – a part of section half dozen Organization of knowledge security.

Media handling was antecedently a part of Communications and operations management, however, currently, it's eight.3, a part of eight-plus management.Operating system access management, and Application and data access management, have currently united into System and application access management (9.4), and have remained in section nine Access management.Control of operational computer code, antecedently one management in system acquisition, development, and maintenance, is currently a separate class twelve.5, a part of the Operations security section.

Information systems audit issues have affected from Compliance to twelve.7, a part of the Operations security section.Two classes from the section data Security Incident Management square measure currently united into one.

The Business continuity section has received a replacement class – seventeen.2 Redundancies. This can be concerning disaster recovery.

New controls – here square measure a couple of controls that square measure new:


14.2.1 Secure development policy – rules for the development of computer code and data systems

14.2.5 Secure system engineering principles – principles for system engineering

14.2.6 Secure development atmosphere – establishing and protective development atmosphere

14.2.8 System security testing – tests of security practicality

16.1.4 Assessment of and call on data security events – this can be a part of incident management

17.2.1 accessibility of knowledge process facilities – achieving redundancy

Controls that square measure went – finally, here square measure a number of the controls that don't exist anymore:

6.2.2 Addressing security once handling customers

10.4.2 Controls against mobile code

10.7.3 data handling procedures

10.7.4 Security of system documentation

10.8.5 Business data systems

10.9.3 publicly on the market data

11.4.2 User authentication for external connections

11.4.3 instrumentation identification in networks

11.4.4 Remote diagnostic and configuration port protection

11.4.6 Network association management

11.4.7 Network routing management

Since the structure of ISO 27001 consultant in Bangalore  is aligned with controls from ISO 27001 Certification in Bahrain , these changes are valid for brand new ISO 27001 Annex A.At first sight, their square measures several changes… But, I don’t suppose most of those changes square measure extremely elementary – several of them have truly corrected the inaccurate structure of the recent ISO 27001 Services in Bahrain , and supplementary the controls that were missing within the initial place. Some things did amendments – like network security and development methods – these square measures are currently a lot loosely delineated and therefore a lot of freedom is given to firms on the way to implement them.


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