Genshin Impact Primogems The biggest surprise hit of the year has to be Genshin Impact. It has been accused of being a knockoff of Breath of The Wild and other action-adventure games of the like but it winds up being way more than that. Players are able to explore a massive and beautiful open world as they collect new playable characters to help on their quest. One of the most important aspects of the game is being able to upgrade these characters and their weapons.

Players need to race against the clock to make it to the top. There is a treasure chest along the way too that players need to grab while they ascend. So with just 60 seconds it may take a few tries to get to the top. There is no "best way" to get up there but using the Traveler's Geo ability or Venti's wind ability will really help to speed things up.Players will want to build their best possible Genshin Impact team for this puzzle. This fighting puzzle is very straightforward but requires a little bit of speed Genshin Impact Mora good combat and powerful strategy to get it done.

With the repair being done through two commissions that are randomly assigned to Genshin Impact players it currently isn't possible to fix the stairs in one sitting. Thankfully these commissions are easily completed once received. Players will simply need to travel to Wangshu Inn and speak to the innkeeper Huai'an.Players will need to descend and retrieve five wooden planks for the innkeeper which he uses to repair half of the broken steps. This will complete the daily commission and players will need to wait for the next part of the questline to appear in their log on a random day.